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Why do we like pickled vegetables?

Pickled vegetables are an essential part of our daily meals, we eat them as is, cook with them, add them to cocktails or juices. So, what are pickles? Pickles
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Tasty Buckwheat with Lecho Transcarpathian

Looking for something tasty, but light and healthy? Look no further, Buckwheat with Lecho Transcarpathian is here! Ingredients for 4 servings: Buckwheat whole grain from Mistral – 200gr Lecho
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Do you choose whole grains or processed grains?

Done grocery shopping recently? Did you pay attention to the variety of grains and products made with grains? The importance of including whole grains in a diet is emphasized
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Legends and Myths: 3 Myths About Olive Oil

Today we start a series of articles related to Legends and Myths about the food. Hardly anyone has not heard about popular myth like “Egg yolks are bad for
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Gluten-Free Pasta and its challenges

Hardly there is anyone who did not try a pasta dish. With so many pasta varieties and cooking recipes, pasta is really one of a kind product. Pasta is
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5 reasons to eat healthy buckwheat twice a week

One of the ancient grains, Buckwheat, is an amazing food, packed with many essential minerals and fiber. Here at Ameriafood we think it is a good idea to remind
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Ready to taste something new? Azu with pickles here!

Russian style Azu in pots with pickles from Uncle Vanya Pickles are an essential part of our daily meals, we eat them as is, cook with them, add them
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Our rice variety for your best cooking experience

Have you ever wondered how many rice types are there in the world? Yes, no doubt, it is one of the most consumed food grains in the world, so,